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Virtual Learning Support

The staff at “Champions” wants to partner with ILTexas to help monitor our students while they learn virtually but need to know how much interest they have from our community, so they can set up offsite location(s) to host a select number of students.  This option will have a fee associated with it. We will also post more information about this option in the next couple of weeks.
Please contact Teresa Trawick at: ttrawick@discoverchampions.com with your interest.  Send your name, name(s) and grade(s) of your student(s), the learning option you chose for the 1st 6 weeks, and best contact information. Find out more about champions by clicking the following link: https://www.discoverchampions.com/about/about-champions
LEARNING PODS: We will compile and organize a shared list of community members that are willing to host learning pods.   Learning pods are a group of 10 or fewer students that will be monitored as they learn virtually at a learning pod host’s home.  We are asking that anyone interested in volunteering to host or co-host a learning pod fill out the following the form.  We will share this information with our community as soon as possible. The “Learning Pod” network will ONLY be a shared list to help families get in contact with each other and a learning pod host.
Learning Pod Host Form: https://forms.gle/U9TFuRNuzuGThjzQ6